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A New Brand of Creative – Episode 5

Posted By Gavin Heaton On November 10, 2008 @ 2:04 pm In podcasts | Comments Disabled

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Has creativity changed in this Age of Conversation? That’s what we wanted to know when we assembled this cast of eight AOC2 authors from five different countries.

“The way creative folks are getting prepared in college, for
instance, does not really reflect the way that they should be working when they
become part of the work force.”

Efrain Mendicuti [2] – Google Mexico

“We have to realize that most of the jobs that will be here
in ten years haven’t been invented. So it’s hard to set up a curriculum for
these new kind of creatives.”

Armando Alves [3] – Draftfcb Portugal

“Older, traditional creatives are used to using
entertainment to interrupt people and get attention so that they can deliver
information about a product. But on the web, you’re not interrupting people,
you’re fulfilling a quest.”

Ernie Moesteller [4] – Blatttner Brunner/BBdigital

“The first thing that really has to happen is that
internally, agencies have to get the foundations down to understanding that the
culture outside of their four walls is more collaborative almost than it is
inside of their four walls.”

Mark Goren [5] – Transmission Content + Creative

“One thing that excites me about this age that we’re in, is
that everyone has the potential, if not the responsibility, to be part of this
new brand of creative.”

Mike Sansone [6] – Angela Maiers Educational Services         

"Another quality that should be pervasive in creative people,
and that’s the willingness to troubleshoot….It goes beyond just the pretty
pictures that we put on the TV screen or in the ad, it goes to having a direct
and measurable impact on the clients brands.”

Cam Beck [7] – Click Here

“Trying to get a culture that…celebrates creating and
collaboration and connecting is very difficult because it’s not been about
that. It’s been about one person holding all of the knowledge and keeping it
under lock and key.”

Angela Maiers [8] - Angela Maiers Educational Services

"Social media, online media, has almost created a new
art form"

David Petherick [9] – Digital Biographer

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