Age of Conversation Podcast: Episode 3 – The Accidental Marketer Starring David Armano and Gary Cohen

The Age of Conversation II: Why don’t they get it? will be published
later this month.  This podcast is a collection of "conversations"
with contributors to the book.

Is an accidental marketer more valuable than an intentional marketer? What exactly is the role of a marketer? Our conversationalists in this episode are two accidental marketers, David Armano of Critical Mass in Chicago and Gary Cohen of Speakery in New York.

Here are some juicy quotes from the show:

David Armano:

"Markets have to fundamentally understand the

foundational aspect of what interactions mean."

"This Idea that marketing is conversation, I get
it. I agree, but I think that’s half the equation."


To be a marketer all you need is a pulse."


What the collective does, it takes out the

Gary Cohen:


Where the audience is, the marketers are going
to go."


It’s difficult to be an accidental marketer in
an un-accidental world"


Both social media and marketing is about forming


I think we’re accidental by design."


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Download the episode here: Episode 3 – The Accidental Marketer
More episodes on the way, so check back soon.

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2 Responses to “Age of Conversation Podcast: Episode 3 – The Accidental Marketer Starring David Armano and Gary Cohen”

  1. Gavin Heaton Says:

    Guys this was a fascinating podcast. Thanks for speaking so frankly!

  2. Gary Cohen Says:

    It was a lot of fun to do. Jay and David were awesome and we could have gone on for hours. Thanks to you and Drew for editing and making the book happen.