Age of Conversation Podcast – Episode 7: Manifestos Part 2

Why don't they get it in the Age of Conversation? In episode 7 we look at the big picture of online conversations and what they mean on a personal level. Here are a few choice quotes to get your warmed up.

You realize that even if you have only been following
someone’s Twitterstream for the past several months, that actually does add up
to something significant.

Mike Arauz – Undercurrent
Twitter: @mikearauz

It’s not about sending everybody to a point,
it’s about people and the interactions between people

Jon Swanson – Graybill Missionary Church

Maybe in our next stage of the age of
conversation we will work toward the art of conversation.

Jay Ehret – The Marketing Spot
Twitter: @themarketingguy

Click the play button on the player below or download the episode here: Episode 7 – Manifestos Part 2
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3 Responses to “Age of Conversation Podcast – Episode 7: Manifestos Part 2”

  1. Kare Anderson Says:

    To continue the “us” power of co-creating content conversation here to reach more people, here’s more methods for co-creation, from DIYers’ TV shows to maps’ mashups and widgets

  2. Authority Networker Says:

    In general people dislike being “sold”. People want the freedom to choose and feel comfortable when purchasing any product or service. They need to be a part of the whole buying process. A new internet network marketing concept called attraction marketing is getting a whole lot more attention and deals with that. One primary focus of the attraction marketing formula is developing personal relationships with existing clients and become a person of value, so that they have the underlying feeling of attraction and want to come back for more.

  3. Gavin Heaton Says:

    Getting a heap of spam at the moment – so turning on captcha