The Age of Conversation Lives

It’s been a long time coming, but the Age of Conversation #4 is underway again.

We have over 120 authors contributing to the next edition and will be receiving their chapters in early August. From there we face the task of editing and organizing the chapters into a cohesive narrative.

The plan is to have the book available well in time to make it into your stocking-filler list.

What will be in the Age of Conversation #4?

The first edition took at overview of the emerging world of social media. The second edition addressed the awkward stage of business adoption, asking “why don’t they get it”? The third edition focused on putting social media and marketing knowledge to work … and this edition? Well, it’s about how YOU. Or more precisely, it’s about how social has transformed our lives from a personal point of view.

There will be sections that cover:

  • Secrets – what is a secret, what is your secret and what are the limits of privacy in the Age of Conversation?
  • Transparency – what does it mean for a business to be transparent? How do you go about making your brand or business transparent? And what happens if transparency fails?
  • Authenticity – what does it mean to humanize a brand? What happens when business gets personal and how does so-called “authenticity” impact you on a personal and professional level?
  • Unexpected Consequences – anything from a painful lesson learned to an unexpected cross the globe friendship. Share your journey in this Age of Conversation
  • How Do I … – share your tips and tricks on social media. What do you do well and how do you achieve the outcomes you want?

There will also be Case Studies. These are case studies written by the people involved in the project. Not second or third hand views, but intimate, focused case studies that you can get your teeth into.

Keep in contact!

If you are one of the authors, you’ll be seeing plenty of email from us.

If you are interested in the book, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list (you’ll find it in the sidebar). And if you have any queries, be sure to contact us.

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Meet Our Publisher – Channel V Books

Finally, we get to tell you the good news about our publishing partners.

But first, some brief background.  As you may know, we are not book publishers.   When we got the idea for the first Age of Conversation — it was our original intention just to do an e-book.  But the authors really, really wanted a “real” book they could hold, give away to clients and put on their coffee table.

So naturally — we punted our way through the first Age of Conversation and Age of Conversation 2.  We won’t go into detail about all the challenges but they were many.  Some involved blood loss — but we got it done.

When we announced Age of Conversation 3 — we got an e-mail from two of the authors from the second book — Gretel Going & Kate Fleming.  Unbeknownst to us, they had started a publishing company called Channel V Books and they wanted to help us.  Please be clear … help us = do it all for free in the total spirit of the books!!

As contributing authors, Gretel/Kate and her team were familiar with our past struggles getting this book out through various self-publishing avenues. They were in a position to provide us with a fast turnaround time and broad distribution for the book without the hassles we’ve faced in the past. So, rather than deal with all the publishing nuances and details as we had in the past, we took them up on their offer and have benefited from an all-inclusive model that provides the flexibility and freedom of self-publishing but the comprehensive, turnkey services of a traditional publishing house.

Although we didn’t take them up on all of their services due to the nature of this project, I can share the key differentiators between CVB and a service like Lulu.com for those of you who have some interest or may be thinking of publishing your own book.

In particular, their in-house management of the entire publishing and marketing processes from start to finish (often working with the author from the beginning to shape the manuscript for his/her audience and create their platforms), and their seamless connection to major online retail distribution channels such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Finally, they handle all royalty and online distribution/fulfillment, which allows authors to focus on personal goals and business objectives, rather than on the business of their book.

Here’s my shameless plug for these really talented and smart folks:

They work with business thought leaders who need to publish books in order to promote themselves and their businesses, solidify their credibility and attract new opportunities—but don’t have the time (or desire) to learn and manage the intricacies of the publishing business in the process. Channel V Books bridges the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing by offering the best of both worlds: the highest production quality, distribution channels, visibility, creative flexibility, ease and, most importantly, profitability.  To learn more about Channel V Books, visit  their website.

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Introducing the Age of Conversation 3 Authors

It has taken some time to come together, but the new book, Age of Conversation 3: It’s time to get busy!, is in its final stages. Very soon you will be able to purchase it directly from Amazon or a number of other online book stores. The new cover, as you can see below, was designed by Chris Wilson. And this, our new site, was designed and built by Craig Wilson and the hard working team at Sticky Advertising.

Cover of The Age of Conversation 3

We’re excited to be at this stage of the process. The quality of thinking throughout the book is of the highest calibre – as would be expected from such an illustrious group. The authors who have contributed to this year’s edition are:

Adam Joseph Priyanka Sachar Mark Earls
Cory Coley-Christakos Stefan Erschwendner Paul Hebert
Jeff De Cagna Thomas Clifford Phil Gerbyshak
Jon Burg Toby Bloomberg Shambhu Neil Vineberg
Joseph Jaffe Uwe Hook Steve Roesler
Michael E. Rubin anibal casso Steve Woodruff
Steve Sponder Becky Carroll Tim Tyler
Chris Wilson Beth Harte Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Dan Schawbel Carol Bodensteiner Trey Pennington
David Weinfeld Dan Sitter Vanessa DiMauro
Ed Brenegar David Zinger Brett T. T. Macfarlane
Efrain Mendicuti Deb Brown Brian Reich
Gaurav Mishra Dennis Deery C.B. Whittemore
Gordon Whitehead Heather Rast Cam Beck
Hajj E. Flemings Joan Endicott Cathryn Hrudicka
Jeroen Verkroost Karen D. Swim Christopher Morris
Joe Pulizzi Leah Otto Corentin Monot
Karalee Evans Leigh Durst David Berkowitz
Kevin Jessop Lesley Lambert Duane Brown
Peter Korchnak Mark Price Dustin Jacobsen
Piet Wulleman Mike Maddaloni Ernie Mosteller
Scott Townsend Nick Burcher Frank Stiefler
Steve Olenski Rich Nadworny John Rosen
Tim Jackson Suzanne Hull Len Kendall
Amber Naslund Wayne Buckhanan Mark McGuinness
Caroline Melberg Andy Drish Oleksandr Skorokhod
Claire Grinton Angela Maiers Paul Williams
Gary Cohen Armando Alves Sam Ismail
Gautam Ramdurai B.J. Smith Tamera Kremer
Eaon Pritchard Brendan Tripp Adelino de Almeida
Jacob Morgan Casey Hibbard Andy Hunter
Julian Cole Debra Helwig Anjali Ramachandran
Jye Smith Drew McLellan Craig Wilson
Karin Hermans Emily Reed David Petherick
Katie Harris Gavin Heaton Dennis Price
Mark Levy George Jenkins Doug Mitchell
Mark W. Schaefer Helge Tenno Douglas Hanna
Marshall Sponder James Stevens Ian Lurie
Ryan Hanser Jenny Meade Jeff Larche
Sacha Tueni and Katherine Maher David Svet Jessica Hagy
Simon Payn Joanne Austin-Olsen Mark Avnet
Stanley Johnson Marilyn Pratt Mark Hancock
Steve Kellogg Michelle Beckham-Corbin Michelle Chmielewski
Amy Mengel Veronique Rabuteau Peter Komendowski
Andrea Vascellari Timothy L Johnson Phil Osborne
Beth Wampler Amy Jussel Rick Liebling
Eric Brody Arun Rajagopal Dr Letitia Wright
Hugh de Winton David Koopmans Aki Spicer
Jeff Wallace Don Frederiksen Charles Sipe
Katie McIntyre James G Lindberg & Sandra Renshaw David Reich
Lynae Johnson Jasmin Tragas Deborah Chaddock Brown
Mike O’Toole Jeanne Dininni Iqbal Mohammed
Morriss M. Partee Katie Chatfield Jeff Cutler
Pete Jones Riku Vassinen Jeff Garrison
Kevin Dugan Tiphereth Gloria Mike Sansone
Lori Magno Valerie Simon Nettie Hartsock
Mark Goren Peter Salvitti

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Getting a Few Things in Order for Age of Conversation III

We are busily preparing, collating and sorting a raft of information from the 300 or so authors who have committed to the NEW edition of the Age of Conversation.

And while many of you may now struggle to remember which sections of the book you have volunteered for, please know that we will soon be sending you some information that will put you at ease.

We look forward to sharing this fabulous journey with you all!

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Age of Conversation Podcast with Jay Ehret: Episode 1 Starring Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan

Welcome to the all new Age of Conversation podcast. The Age of Conversation II: Why don’t they get it? will be published later this month.  This podcast will be a collection of "conversations" with contributors to the book. To kick it off, we have the guys who started it all, Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan.

How did this idea of a collaborative book start? What does this mean? What’s different from the first edition in The Age of Conversation II? Drew & Gavin answer all these questions and more in this premiere episode. 

To get started, press the play button on the player below or download the show as an mp3 file from the provided link.
But you don’t have to just listen. You can contribute too. Please add your comment or post a question with the comments link below. Or send us an audio comment or question in the form of an mp3. Just send your audio to jay<at>themarketingspot.com.

Download the episode here: Premiere Episode of Age of Conversation
You will soon be able to subscribe via iTunes, so check back soon.

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Calling All AOC2 Authors! Send Us Your Bios.

Hello Fellow AOC2 Authors!

The launch date for the Age of Conversation is fast approaching, and we would really like to help maximize your exposure and involvement. As part of the effort to build anticipation for the book (and to promote the authors who made it all possible), we’re going to compile and publish a series of short bios for each author, up to and beyond the publishing date.

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Photo
  2. Name
  3. Blog URL
  4. Just 3-4 sentences that describe whatever it is you’d like others to know about you. Keep it to about 70 words. It can include where you’re from, what you do, where you work, or what your high score in Pong is.

Numbers 2-4 should be formatted something like this:

Version 1

Aki Spicer
Aki Spicer is Strategic Planning Director at Fallon Worldwide out of Minneapolis, MN. His previous work roles include Account Planning Manager, Urban ThinkTank at Vigilante / Leo Burnett / Publicis, Vice-President of Marketing at Rocawear and President / CEO / Brand Strategist at Machine. He is also a founding officer in the Facebook philanthropic network, ‘Planning For Good’.

Version 2

Firstname Last
[Firstname] believes [insert mantra here]. With over [experience in chosen profession], [he/she] writes at [blog title] about [perspective and subject]. [His/Her] interests are [list interests]. [Firstname] is a [job title] at [company name] in [city, state/country].

Email all bios to aocbios@ymail.com NO LATER than OCTOBER 10th.

For maximum impact, we’re going to start running them about two weeks before the book is available.

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Contacting Other Authors

Originally uploaded by icarusjj

From time to time you may receive emails from other Age of Conversation authors. Indeed, you may, at some stage wish to send them all an email.
As you may expect, we respect the privacy of all contributors to the Age of Conversation. As such, we have a policy of NOT sharing email addresses or mailing lists.
However, if you do want to reach out to Age of Conversation authors, you can do so via the Age of Conversation Facebook group. And while this does include authors as well as interested participants, it at least allows individuals the choice of opting-in to communications.
If you are an author and do not want to hear directly from other authors, simply do not join the Facebook group. The choice is yours.

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Feed Your Monster

Feed Your Monster
Originally uploaded by hyku

Douglas Karr has taken the blog roll or all the Age of Conversation authors and turned it into a handy OPML file that can be imported into your feed reader.

So now you don’t have to go to the trouble of visiting each and every one manually.

You can download it here >> Download aoc2.xml .

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