Age of Conversation Podcast with Jay Ehret: Episode 1 Starring Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan

Welcome to the all new Age of Conversation podcast. The Age of Conversation II: Why don’t they get it? will be published later this month.  This podcast will be a collection of "conversations" with contributors to the book. To kick it off, we have the guys who started it all, Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan.

How did this idea of a collaborative book start? What does this mean? What’s different from the first edition in The Age of Conversation II? Drew & Gavin answer all these questions and more in this premiere episode. 

To get started, press the play button on the player below or download the show as an mp3 file from the provided link.
But you don’t have to just listen. You can contribute too. Please add your comment or post a question with the comments link below. Or send us an audio comment or question in the form of an mp3. Just send your audio to jay<at>themarketingspot.com.

Download the episode here: Premiere Episode of Age of Conversation
You will soon be able to subscribe via iTunes, so check back soon.

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Is the Big Book a Big Idea?

Big Book
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Who was to know that a single comment would transform into a fully fledged business book co-authored by some of the most innovative marketers from all over the world? The Age of Conversation book is in the final stages of production and will be available soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to understand how it all came about, I have reproduced Drew’s explanation below:

Here’s how it all happened.

I posted about a project called We Are Smarter than Me which gives people a chance to help author a guest book.

In the comments of that post Gavin Heaton said "Great concept! And it sounds like it could be fun … but you know what, Drew? I reckon between a few of us we could knock out a short book…All we need is a theme and a charity …"

To which I said…"You are very right. Let’s do it. Watch for an e-mail from me!"

Two weeks later — here we are. And we’d like you to consider joining us.

And out of that blogging conversation and a few e-mails, Gavin & I concocted the idea for an e-book about this new era of communications we’ve all entered together. But not just any book. It has to be a quick book. Exciting. Sharp. Inclusive. It had to be a book about community and conversation that came from that community and spoke the same vernacular. The title — The Conversation Age.

And that is why we are talking to you. Our idea:

  • 100 authors. We’re a few but need more.
  • The overriding topic is "The Conversation Age" — where you take it is up to you.
  • The items are short – one 8.5" x 11" page — it can be words, diagrams, photos (again up to you) If it is words – about 400, give or take a couple.
  • We write it quickly and get it out there. We publish electronically.
  • We make it available online for a small fee and we donate 100% of the proceeds to Variety the Children’s Charity — which serves children across the entire globe.

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