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Herb Sawyer has made a custom Google search that allows you to search the blogs of all 103 authors PLUS those of Rohit Bhargava and Noah Brier.

Herb even posts the code so that you can extend the customisation yourself. Very cool!

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Nearly There … But It Is Just the Start

Starting Line-up
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When we kicked off this project a couple of months ago we thought we would set a goal — raise $10,000 for Variety, the Children’s Charity. Would we make it? How long would it take? We really had no idea …

Tonight I am excited to report that we are VERY close to our target — less than TWO MONTHS after launch. Based on the reporting from our publishing house, Lulu.com, we have sold a total of 1257 books for a grand total of $9,997.60.

BUT … it is clear to me that there is much more juice left in this conversation, and there is a real potential to grow this substantially. Not only is this book, The Age of Conversation, a ground-breaking and thought provoking composite of 103 of the world’s leading marketers, it marks a shift in the mode of conversation … demonstrating that conversation is NOT an end in itself but a starting point, a launching pad and an ongoing effort that is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Brands will do well to remember this. So will we all.

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Age of Conversation in Context

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Tim Leberecht has a great article that helps put the Age of Conversation into a global context. He discusses a range of trends, technologies and influences and weaves them together a compelling way … and in what is a great example of blogging clairvoyance, did so in advance of the book’s publishing and release.


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Is Conversation on Your Agenda?

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When we think about business innovation and social networking, do we really start with an agenda? Or do we start with a problem, a challenge? Do we open a dialogue?
If conversation is on your agenda, then The Age of Conversation should be high on your reading list.
And now it is even EASIER to learn more about the book … I have just added a new preview to the book. It features Steve Woodruff’s excellent summaries for the authors whose last names start with A through to D.
Don’t forget to read the rest of Steve’s summaries as well!
The Age of Conversation is also high on the agenda for AGENDA INC and for Leo Burnett, Toronto.

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Age of Conversation Facebook

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In true conversational style, the Age of Conversation authors are tapping into a range of online tools. Mark Goren has done a great job of setting up a Facebook group around the book. Each day I am checking in to see what has been added into the discussion boards, the Wall, and to find out the latest media coverage.
And on that topic, recent coverage includes some discussion during crayonCast #30, a mention at the influential PSFK and references from one of Japan’s IT media blog sites.
There are loads of things going on in the Middle East where our very own Arun Rajagopal is rapidly becoming a celebrity. More to come on the exploits of Arun and his friends, Dina Al Jafari and Bosky Dutia from BuzzWordActionPR in Oman.

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About AoC

In 2007, what began as a half dare, the editors, Gavin Heaton and Drew
McLellan challenged bloggers around the world to contribute one
page — 400 words — on the topic of “conversation”. The resulting
book, The Age of Conversation, brought together over 100 of the
world’s leading marketers, writers, thinkers and creative innovators in
a ground-breaking and unusual publication.

in 2008, the effort has been re-doubled with the publishing of The Age
of Conversation 2. Asking the hard question – why don’t they get it? -
237 authors respond to the changing marketing landscape.

And in the spirit of conversation, you can follow-up and extend your
interest in the topics covered in the book at the Age of Conversation
blog — www.

All the proceeds from the sale of this book (less printing and shipping)
go to Variety, the Children’s Charity. We thank you for supporting this
initiative with your purchase.

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