Day 1 Update

Thanks to the combined efforts of Age of Conversation authors, we have had some excellent press coverage in some very reputable online publications. Over at Business Week, Bruce Nussbaum announced the launch and then asked the question, Are We Communicating Too Much. Be sure to drop by and give Bruce your view!

Nina M Lentini over at MediaPost gives us a good writeup here, using some great snippets from Ed Cotton’s and Julie Fleischer’s chapters (plus there is also a nice brief piece here), and Brian Reich also profiles the launch on Fast Company’s Expert Blogs.

Know of any other coverage? Be sure to drop in the comments for us all!

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4 Responses to “Day 1 Update”

  1. Arun Rajagopal Says:

    Hey Guys…
    Howdy? I’ve got some great news from my part of the world. I’m working together with some PR friends of mine in Oman to ensure that AOC gets its due share in the Middle East. It’s been a really exciting day working for that. While some of the results are expected in a day or two, here comes the first coverage of AOC in the Middle East. A press release on http://www.middleeastevents.com
    url: http://www.middleeastevents.com/site/pres_dtls.asp?pid=1699
    I’m gonna write to them & request them to activate the relevant links in the web page (connections & conversations are what social media is all about, right?!)
    But, yes, I’m so excited!!! :) Stay tuned buddies…
    The Age of Conversation has reached us too.

  2. Stan Lee Says:

    After ordering my copy of the book, Lulu sent me a thank you note from Drew and Gavin. What a nice idea. Best…Stan

  3. Kristin Gorski (KG) Says:

    PSFK has a write-up on our most-excellent book!
    Title: Conversation is a Movement
    Link: http://www.psfk.com/2007/07/conversation-is-a-movement.html
    And I think their post title is right on — conversation IS a movement, and “AoC” is living proof of that. :)

  4. Moda di Magno Says:

    Hello chums! Ad Rants gave us a shout out by mentioning the Ad Age article.
    Cheers to all!