The Wired Cover

Wired Hard to believe … only two weeks in and we have sold around 680 books with almost $5,500 raised for Variety, the Children’s Charity. There has been a mountain of online buzz created (see our recent news over at Facebook) and now, unbelievable … the cover of Wired.

Actually, if you want to … you make your own Wired cover as well. Simply go here.

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3 Responses to “The Wired Cover”

  1. mindblob Says:

    Hey Gavin,
    Great news for the sales!
    And the Wired cover fits you perfectly! ; )

  2. David Reich Says:

    I just got my copy of Wired the other day. I just read this post and thought, how could I have missed our book on the cover?
    You got me.

  3. CK Says:

    You look fetching on the cover ;-).