The Word is Out

Adagebookstore In the last 24 hours, Drew and I have both spoken with Matt Kinsey from AdAge … and today The Age of Conversation is featured in the Bookstore. Take a look at the interviews and commentary. There are also a few excerpts from articles by Faris Yakob and Bob Glaza.

I also got a note from Jeremy Geelan to let us know that the book is also being featured by Social Computing Magazine. Make sure you check out both of these pieces, and do let us know when you spy something in the media in your part of the world.

Remember, Monday, 16 July is getting closer … we should have link pages to each of your sites this weekend!

Update: Social Computing Magazine features us again!

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4 Responses to “The Word is Out”

  1. David Reich Says:

    Doing publicity for this, I had a chance to see an advance copy online. I have to say, there’s some good writing and good thinking in there. I’m sure it will generate lots more conversation.

  2. BobG Says:

    Maybe some of you imagined how this book would take off – but I sure didn’t. Excellent work all around. I’m anxious to see it.

  3. Jim Kukral Says:

    Awesome publicity. I saw the Ad age piece from an Armano Twitter.
    Nice work.

  4. David Armano Says:

    Very nice job getting some ink on Adage. :)